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Ready to take your party hotness level to 10?

Las Vegas really is the perfect destination for your bachelor party. Whether it is your own or you are planning it, you are almost guaranteed to have an amazing time in Sin City. But once you're here, what are you suppose to do? How do you make it better than just showing up and hitting a few strip clubs? Well, we have a few suggestions. Nothing wrong with checking out the different clubs in the city. After all, there are some amazing hot spots that will surely give you a story or two. The magic of Las Vegas is that you can make it your own and do with it as you will. We just want to make sure it is as amazing as you hope.

The Stripper Surprise

Nothing like completely surprising your man of honor like a stripper surprise. He already knows that he is going to see some beautiful naked women. He just doesn't know how soon this might happen. So, why not surprise him with a stripper directly to your room. Now, you can always have them show up as a stripper. That is fine and all, but you can do better. Maybe you'd like the stripper to show up dressed like room service, so the groom thins he is receiving some pre-game food or drinks before the night out, but instead he's actually receiving one of the hottest strippers around. Maybe you'd like the Las Vegas escort girls direct to your room to act like they are with management and he is in trouble. There are plenty of ways to have some fun with this. It is up to you, just make sure it is a surprise.

Strippers on the Road

Sure, you can have the strippers arrive at your room. You can see strippers when you hit up the clubs. You can also have strippers with you throughout the entire evening. Why not set up strippers to come to your room with a limo. This way, you just hop in with your beautiful women (maybe you have a bit of fun and a show instead ahead of time) and then you can be off to your nightclub, restaurant or wherever else you want to go. Why not get to know the beautiful women with you as you go throughout the night. After all, the more you get to know your girls, the more of a chance you might have with something else happening later in the evening.

Make Them the Right Strippers

So your buddy is about to tie the knot. This may be his last real shot at spending any time with a beautiful woman that isn't is wife. With that as the case, you need to make the escort the girl you know he's always had. Every single guy has a kind of list in the back of his head. A list of kinds of girls he likes, one's he's been able to hook up with and one's who he wish he'd of spent more time with. It's pretty easy to get this kind of information out of a guy. Talk to him over a few beers and you'll be able to find out just about anything you really need to know. With this information, you can then find the right stripper. Make it that one girl he's always had a thing for but never had a change to be with. We want to help connect everyone together and we will set you and your buddy up with the hottest girl to match his fantasies.

With plenty of options for you and your buddies in Las Vegas, there really is no way to go wrong with having a bachelor party in the city. With our insights, you can take a fun-filled time and make it unbelievable.